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Snakes make the best ukes.
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Little Bird by LalunaCatchadora Little Bird :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 1 0 Tablet Sketch: Alduin by LalunaCatchadora Tablet Sketch: Alduin :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 2 0 Reaper Cloud by LalunaCatchadora Reaper Cloud :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 2 0 Battle Yet to Come by LalunaCatchadora Battle Yet to Come :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 1 0
No Boundaries Chapter 5
No Boundaries
Chapter 5: Confrontation
“I still think you were foolish in goading those enemy ninja into attacking you, Zenith,” said Kabuto as he treats Zenith's wounds.
Zenith hisses in pain when Kabuto applies a cleaning solution to the cut on his cheek. “How else was I supposed to get them out of hiding? Wait for them to attack Sasha and I?”  He grabs Kabuto's wrist to stop him from applying more cleaning solution to the wound. Zenith tightens his grip on Kabuto's wrist. “I'm not the type to let the enemy attack first.”
Kabuto could tell that by looking in Zenith's eyes, that he was telling the truth. “Yet you still managed to get hurt. I do remember telling you not to get reckless, now didn't I?”
Zenith smirks and lets go of Kabuto's wrist. “I told you once before that I'm not reckless.” He leaves the room and heads downstairs.
Kabuto shakes his head. “You're just stubborn. Ever since you were a kid you've been
:iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 3 7
Great Blue Heron by LalunaCatchadora Great Blue Heron :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 2 1 Along the Highway by LalunaCatchadora Along the Highway :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 3 0 Arctic Fox by LalunaCatchadora Arctic Fox :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 4 5 Red Fox by LalunaCatchadora Red Fox :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 3 0 Grazing Bison by LalunaCatchadora Grazing Bison :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 1 0 Sunny Day: Bobcat by LalunaCatchadora Sunny Day: Bobcat :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 4 3 Liger Zero Model by LalunaCatchadora Liger Zero Model :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 1 0 Trinity Liger Model by LalunaCatchadora Trinity Liger Model :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 2 0 Gorjulas Giga Model by LalunaCatchadora Gorjulas Giga Model :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 1 0 Painted Canyon by LalunaCatchadora Painted Canyon :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 1 0 Triceratops Statue by LalunaCatchadora Triceratops Statue :iconlalunacatchadora:LalunaCatchadora 5 6


Free Dragon Lineart/Base by Taluns Free Dragon Lineart/Base :icontaluns:Taluns 1,155 283
Lokitty And LabraThor?! (LokixReaderxThor) Chpt. 2
Chapter 2: Escaping the Landlord
    (Y/n) looked at the two animals in complete shock. "Oh god..." was the first thing she could think to say.
  The dog immediately jumped up and ran to her, "Lady (Y/n)! It is I, Thor! And Loki as well!" He barks madly. When the dog barked madly she ran over and clamped his mouth shut. "Shh shh shh shh shhhhhh!!" She panicked and looked around the room hoping her neighbors wouldn't hear the dog. While this happened, the cat ran to his room and pushed a large book out to the living room. He meowed to get her attention and she turned to see him and the book. "Oh no... dont tell me you two are..." The cat nods as he flicked his black tail, while the dog wags his tail. "So you're... you're... you're..." she paused then burst into hysterical laughter, "Lokitty and LabraThor!!" Lokitty's ears dropped as he growled at her, while LabraThor whined and tipped his head down. She continued to laugh on the floor while Lokitty flipped through hi
:icontorako16:Torako16 38 8
Intoxicated Part 5
       As you slowly walked past Loki's room while covering a yawn, the door opened to reveal a man. This man was tall, had long blond hair, some scruff that was slowly turing into a beard, and a beefy build. Your eyes widen and adrenaline fills your veins as you rush toward the sitting room. "Wait!" the man thundered. "Where is he? I know he is here!" You ignored him and ran for Loki.
       Suddenly the man was in front of you. "Where is he?" he repeated.
"W-here is wh-" you began, but your shaky voice was cut off by another.
"I am right here, brother." Loki said. "Now what brings you here?"
       'Brother?'  you thought in wonder. The two looked like they would be anything but related. Loki was small, fair skinned, and dark haired while the other man was muscular, and light haired. The only reason one would have begun to guess that they were related would be their unnaturally light skin colour.
:iconoreoghostsweetheart:OreoGhostSweetheart 35 10
And hell followed with him by Kajito And hell followed with him :iconkajito:Kajito 1,148 59 itachi and kisame wallpaper by Dethwolf itachi and kisame wallpaper :icondethwolf:Dethwolf 28 6 Uchiha Itachi - Memories by Shiryo-no-nai Uchiha Itachi - Memories :iconshiryo-no-nai:Shiryo-no-nai 1,457 128 Guardian Of Hyrule Keyblade by Bayr-Arms Guardian Of Hyrule Keyblade :iconbayr-arms:Bayr-Arms 2,957 429
Snow battle (Lokixreader) ONESHOT
I ran out into the fluffy whiteness we call snow in hope of cheering myself up. I thought maybe the winter sight will make me forget my stupid problems. But it didn’t.
I walked by the icy trees not feeling the magic of nature that I was expecting.
Fuck it, I thought upset and sat down in the frosty white not caring about the freezing cold or my clothes getting wet.
I let out a sigh and punched into the snow in frustration, white dust flying everywhere. I was about to punch it again, maybe even start crying, when I felt a cold hit on my back followed by a laughter.
I snapped my head to see who’s the bastard who I’m gonna kill only to see a handsome man in green.
“LOKI!” I roared at him but his answer was another chuckle then he disappeared.
“That asgardian son of a Jotun” I muttered angry, aggressively forming a ball out of snow.
“I heard that ” his seductive voice sounded right next to my ear, which sort of hypnotised me for a momen
:iconwhovianhiddlestoner:whovianhiddlestoner 9 3
[Loki x Reader] Once - Chapter 1 ''Knowing''
Second – Knowing
Chapter 1
You wave your parents goodbye, standing in the door so the pouring rain can not reach you. The weather was disgusting, cold, wet. It's not surprising that you were envious of your mother and father who are on their way to warmer regions right now. You wait though until your parents drove out of sight before you turn around to go inside again. You aren't happy at all about this parents-free week since you have so much to learn for school. There'll be these damn exams next week and you are having a hard time understanding what the teachers tried to explain to you the past months.
“Excuse me, young lady“, you hear a broken voice behind you. Although you have the feeling to recognize it at first, you can not rearrange it. So you turn around again to see who is speaking to you and your heart makes a huge jump in your breast when you identify him: It's the man you shared your donut with the past year.
Yes, it's already a year sinc
:iconmondillusion:mondillusion 24 6
Mature content
Healing PT 2 :icondrade666:drade666 19 10
Rhythm Ch. 2 (Loki/Reader POV)
Stark pulls up his next charge and stops dead, a short distance away. The Iron Man suit is scorched, battered and scraped like a car on demolition derby day and you can hear in the new quiet the creak of metal under strain. Loki pulls you tighter against him, and his unexpected strength is terrifying. He’s built slim but grips like a wrestler. You couldn’t move if you tried. Your own blood thumps nauseatingly through your ears and head, an alarmingly fast beat, but right now you cling onto its sheer normality of the rhythm because everything else around you is going mad.
“Drop,” says Stark, as if he’s talking to a naughty puppy, one finger gesturing at you. Loki’s answering laughter hums through your body, making all the hairs at the nape of your neck stand on end. He shakes his head, hugging you closer, strands of his dark hair sticking to your cheek. Unsurprisingly, you‘re sweating. He smells like spice, sharp, like coriander. You’ve ne
:iconbookmawkish:bookmawkish 18 12
Thor: A Serpent's Tale
Title: Thor: A Serpent's Tale
Universe: Pre-Thor 1
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This is for the Flash Fan Fiction Friday prompt, “Fan Fiction Tropes.” I chose 'Rational Fic', which has the readers realizing something, if they read deep enough into it. Can you tell what bit of mythology I'm referring to here? Word Count: 355
Thor crept up behind his brother. The other boy was busy with a small reptile, muttering quiet words over it. Boring. Thor's soft leather boot's scuffed the floor but the dark-haired boy did not react to his approach. Loki continued his soft chanting. Thor came up right behind him.
And screamed.
Jumping to his feet, Loki tripped over backwards and landed on his backside. Thor doubled over, laughing so hard tears fell from the boy prince's eyes.
“Norns, Thor! I'm going to – the snake!” The dark-haired boy spun his head about, scanning the floor. “Where is it?”
“Ah, brother, you should have seen
:iconsingingflames:SingingFlames 9 17
LokixReader~Black of heart,Pure of soul~ Prologue
This is all you saw...
You were not certain if it was a dream...Were not sure if it was a nightmare...And hadn't known if it was reality...
But in the middle of the darkness, you saw a light...a glowing blue light...
As it seemed to near you, you saw it was in the shape of a cube, not small like a pair of dice, just big enough to fill one's hand, if one was to hold it, in ones' palm.
You looked at it curiously,For what was this? 
You could feel, some sorta of energy radiating off this object...You could sense this was no ordinary object...It had power...incredible power...Ominous power...
Then came a voice, which was calm, but had no hint of expression in it, it bared no resemblance to a feminine or masculine voice.
"The Tesseract..." It said..."One of of six, powerful stones, all dangerous on thier own...if used correctly, they can be used as tools of creation, but...if used incorrectly, can corrupt and de
:iconhalomindy:halomindy 76 15
Avengers fanfic: Puny God
"Don't touch that, Thor."
   "And why not?" The god questioned.
   "Because," Tony Stark added sarcastically,"It likes to eat demigods."
   Thor placed the screwdriver back on the desk.
   "I do not see how such a thing could manage to eat the likes of me, Thor said puzzled,"And what of this?"
   He picked up a pile of red and blue wires.  
   "They're electronic blood-eating snakes.  I wouldn't touch them if I were you."
   The wires were put back down.  
   "Such danger this room births..." Thor mumbled.  He sighed,"This place amuses me very much, but you are forbidding me to ease my curiosities.
   "Hey, curiosity killed the cat."
   "I am no cat."
   Tony gave him a wierd look.
   "of course you're not a cat..."
   "tell me, do you posses anything in
:iconmellomisora16:mellomisora16 17 5
Mature content
Taken away (LokixReader) :iconladyreaper1992:LadyReaper1992 3 5



Little Bird
Went to the zoo with my fiance today and this little guy was sitting above the door to the snake exhibit by the children's zoo. When my fiance opened the door to the exhibit, the bird, I believe it is a sparrow, flies over to the fence. This gave me a chance to take a few pictures of the little guy :meow:
Tablet Sketch: Alduin
My first drawing with my tablet. Drawn it the day I had gotten it which was about sometime last month lol This is a drawing of a side view of one of my Funko Pop characters.
Drawn with the Sketch App.
Alduin is owned by the creators of Skyrim
Reaper Cloud
Taken a picture of this cloud formation after a storm two weeks ago on my way home from work. Almost thought it was still going to rain when I had got done lo But anyway I thought this cloud looked like a Dealer from Mass Effect.
Picture taken by me from my Droid Turbo 2.
The Reaper is owned by the creators of Mass Effect
Hello everyone :) I had finally gotten a tablet and it's still taking some getting used to since I am still learning how to use it. Plus with this I can be on DeviantArt more :la:
Hello everyone :) I had finally gotten a tablet and it's still taking some getting used to since I am still learning how to use it. Plus with this I can be on DeviantArt more :la:


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